Section: Dissemination


  • Martin Quinson organized a 2-days workshop for secondary maths teachers on how algorithms could be used to reinforce the pupils abilities to verbalize, set out arguments and conduct rigorous demonstrations (Nancy, March 2-3 2015). This workshop was co-organized by the IREM (Institut de Recherche en Enseignement des Mathématiques) of Nancy.

  • Martin Quinson gave a talk entitled “Computational Science: the real societal impact of computers”, during the workshop presented in previous item (Nancy, March 3th 2015).

  • Martin Quinson co-organized a one day workshop for about 100 secondary computer science teachers. This event spreads the best practices to teach our topic (Nancy, March 12th 2015).

  • Martin Quinson was a scientific expert in an experiment in which we explored how Scratch can be used to teach Computer Science in after school activities every week for the whole week.

  • Martin Quinson is a scientific expert in a teaching manual of Computer Science for primary schools, currently authored within the «La main à la pâte» research network. This manual will be released in 2016.

  • Martin Quinson organized a collaborative workshop on Wikipedia gathering students and researchers to improve the French speaking pages on Computer Science in the free encyclopedia (Rennes, December 10, 2015).