Section: New Software and Platforms



Cédric Tedeschi, Cedric.Tedeschi@irisa.fr


Version 1.0 released in open source, and registered at APP.




GinFlow is a decentralized workflow engine. It relies on a set of processes deployed over a cluster. Every task of the workflow is basically encapsulated into a GinFlow worker, workers being able to coordinate with others through read and write operations of a shared space containing the status of the workflow. GinFlow provides the ability to change the workflow logic on-the-fly upon the detection of a non-desired behavior within the execution of some of the tasks of the workflow.

Users typically submit a workflow through its JSON representation (both the by-default workflow and its alternate version if adaptation is needed). It can also use the API to describe its workflow in a more programmatic fashion.

Active contributors (from Myriads project-team):

Matthieu Simonin, Cédric Tedeschi, Javier Rojas Balderrama.


GinFlow is a tool meant to provide support for workflow-based applications needing adaptation at run time. It is also targeted at offering a platform for future development and researches around the decentralized execution of workflows. It has been used in the framework of the DALHIS (http://project.inria.fr/dalhis ) associate team, as a workflow template executor, integrated with the TIGRES workflow manager developed at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. It has been supported by the GinFlow ADT funded by Inria since 2014 (see Section 9.2.1 ).