Section: New Software and Platforms


Thermal Properties by Inverse Problem

Functional Description

TPIP is a program which aims at estimating the thermo-physical of a saturated porous medium after a strong heating which leads to the phase change of the water contained in the pores, knowing the experimental heating curves history at few selected points. The least-square criterion is used, in which sensitivity coefficients are the solution of a huge, complex PDE system in order to take into account the phase change of water. These equations for the sensitivity coefficients are therefore obtained via a Computer Algebra System (Maple or Maxima). In many aspects, the forward problem is similar to the HeMaTiS code, and like it, is based on Muesli. Two different minimization algorithms may be used, Damped Gauss-Newton or Levenberg-Marquardt. A special procedure has been applied in order to obtain a robust convergence, by changing some parameters of the forward problem during the iterations.

  • Authors: Édouard Canot, Mohamad Muhieddine, Salwa Mansour and Renaud Delannay

  • Contact: Édouard Canot