Section: New Software and Platforms


Crowdsourcing is nowadays a way of constructing linguistic resources which is more and more used. In the crowdsourcing area, one of the way to motivate a large amount of people to contribute to a project is to present it as a game. Games used in this particular way are called GWAPs (Game With A Purpose). ZombiLingo is a GWAP where gamers have to give linguistic information about the syntax of French natural language sentence.

At the end of 2015, 460 players are registered on the game website and they have produce 63,000 annotations.

In 2015, an Inria ADT started based on the prototype built in 2014. The engineer (Nicolas Lefebvre) worked on this project since October 2015. The main improvement were: migration towards a new framework (Laravel) and code refactoring, integration of new designs into the game and internationalization of the interface to prepare the game for application to other natural Languages.

  • Participants: Bruno Guillaume, Karën Fort (Université Paris Sorbonne) and Nicolas Lefebvre

  • Contact: Bruno Guillaume

  • URL: http://zombilingo.org/