Section: Dissemination

Teaching - Supervision - Juries


Most of the members of the team have a teaching position at Université de Lorraine.

  • Xavier Antoine teaches at Mines Nancy and ENSEM (Université de Lorraine), L3-M1, 96 hours.

  • Thomas Chambrion teaches at ESSTIN (Université de Lorraine), L1-L2, 192 hours.

  • David Dos Santos Ferreira teaches at UFR STMIA (Université de Lorraine), 96 hours(délégation CNRS).

  • Alexandre Munnier teaches at UFR STMIA (Université de Lorraine), 192 hours.

  • Jean-François Scheid teaches at Telecom Nancy (Université de Lorraine), 192 hours.

  • Julie Valein teaches at ESSTIN (Université de Lorraine), L1-L2, 96 hours (maternity leave).


  • PhD in progress : Chi-Ting Wu, Contrôle en temps optimal pour quelques EDP réversibles en temps, since October 2012, Marius Tucsnak and Julie Valein.

  • PhD in progress : Boris Caudron, CIFRE thesis with Thales, since June 2015, Xavier Antoine.


  • Xavier Antoine was referee of the PhD thesis of E. Veneros (Université de Genève, May 2015) and M. Lecouvez (Ecole Polytechnique, July 2015). He was also referee of the HDR of F. Triki (Université de Grenoble, December 2015).

  • Karim Ramdani was member of the PhD committees of Camille Carvalho (Ecole Polytechnique, December 4th, 2015) and Simon Marmorat (Université Paris-Saclay, November 12th, 2015).