Creation of the Team: 2012 February 01

Section: Members

Research Scientist

Hervé Rivano [Team leader, Inria, Researcher, HdR]

Faculty Members

Isabelle Auge Blum [INSA Lyon, Associate Professor]

Walid Bechkit [INSA Lyon, Associate Professor]

Razvan Stanica [INSA Lyon, Associate Professor]

Fabrice Valois [INSA Lyon, Professor, HdR]


Stephane d'Alu [INSA Lyon (30%)]

PhD Students

Yosra Bahri Zguira [University of Sousse, Tunisia government grant, from May 2015]

Ahmed Boubrima [Inria, from Oct 2015]

Soukaina Cherkaoui [Inria, ADR Green grant]

Jin Cui [INSA Lyon, Chinese Scholarship Council grant]

Rodrigue Domga Komguem [AUF, Cameroon government grant]

Alexis Duque [Rtone, CIFRE grant, from Oct 2015]

Guillaume Gaillard [Orange Labs, CIFRE grant]

Leo Le Taro [Univ. Lyon, IMU UrPolSens grant, from Nov 2015]

Trista Lin [Inria, Region ARC7 grant]

Diala Naboulsi [INSA Lyon, MENRT grant, until Sep 2015]

Jad Oueis [INSA Lyon, from Oct 2015]

Mihai-Ioan Popescu [INSA Lyon, Region ARC7 grant, from Nov 2015]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Angelo Furno [Inria]

Anh Dung Nguyen [Inria, from Oct 2015]

Patrice Raveneau [Univ. Lyon, until Aug 2015]

Visiting Scientists

Khaled Boussetta [Univ. Paris XIII, Associate Professor, from Sep 2014]

Marco Fiore [CNR - IEIIT, Researcher, HdR]

Administrative Assistants

Aude Montillet [Inria (50%), from Dec 2015]

Gaelle Tworkowski [Inria (50%)]