Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Research Visitors

Visits of International Scientists

In the framework of the collaboration with researchers at the university of Sevilla (Spain), Enrique Fernández-Nieto spent two weeks (weeks n. 13 and 41) at Inria. IPGP hosted several researchers who work with A. Mangeney: Pere Roig (PhD, Departamento de Geodinámica i Geofísica, University of Barcelona, Spain), Giulia Bossi (postdoc, ETH, Zürich), Andrea Wolter and Margherita Spreafico (permanent positions, ETH, Zürich).

Visits to International Teams

Research Stays Abroad
  • Y. Penel spent three months (Jan.-Mar.) at the university of Sevilla (Spain) to collaborate with E. Fernández-Nieto.

  • N. Aissiouene went to the university of Málaga for one month (Apr.) and was involved in the project EDANYA.

  • C. Guichard, Y. Penel and J. Sainte-Marie were invited to the university of Sevilla for one week (week n. 42) to set up a forthcoming project.

  • A. Mangeney went to Sevilla in November (week n. 47).

We also mention that M. Parisot spent one week (week n. 48) at the university of Toulouse (CERFACS).