Section: Dissemination

Promoting Scientific Activities

Scientific Events Organisation

Member of the Organizing Committees

B. Di Martino, C. Guichard, A. Mangeney, Y. Penel and J. Sainte-Marie organised the workshop “Complex rheology for granular flows: challenges and deadlocks” that took place at IPGP on October 14th and that gathered 25 researchers.

M. Parisot organise's the Working group (GdT) of the Ange team.

Moreover, L. Boittin co-organise's the Junior Seminar at Inria–Paris.


Reviewer - Reviewing Activities
Table 1.
Member Journal
E. Audusse Advanced Water Resources, ESAIM:ProcS., SMAI Journal of Computational Mathematics
E. Godlewski Computers and Fluids
C. Guichard Numerische Mathematik, Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, Annali di Matematica Pura ed Applicata
B. Haspot Analysis of PDE, JDE, JMAA, M3AS, ARMA, Siam Analysis, Mathematische Annalen, CMS, JFA, Acta Applicandae Mathematicae
A. Mangeney J. Fluid Mech., J. Geophys. Res., Numeric. Analyt. Methods Geomech., Earth Surf. Processes and Landforms
M. Parisot Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics, Hydrological Processes
Y. Penel Hydrological Processes
J. Salomon SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis, M2AN, SIAM Journal of Scientific Computing
J. Sainte-Marie M2AN, Nonlinearity, IJNMF, Applied mathematical modellling, Journal of Hydraulic Research, Computers and Fluids, European Journal of Applied Math, Numerische Mathematik

Invited Talks

Table 2.
Conference Location Month Members involved
European Geosciences Union Vienna (Austria) April A. Mangeney
Peril flood Paris May M. Parisot
CANUM Obernai May D. Kazerani
ECMI Santiago de Compostela (Spain) June C. Guichard
CECAM Lyon June A. Mangeney
Martian gullies and Earth analogues London (UK) June A. Mangeney
Scientific computing and modelling Amiens June J. Sainte-Marie
Asymptotic Behavior of systems of PDE Lille June D. Kazerani
AIMS Orlando (US) July N. Aissiouene
EGU FORM-OSE training school Azores (Spain) July A. Mangeney
HYP Aachen (Germany) August Y. Penel
Modelling of coastal hydrodynamics Vannes September E. Audusse, J. Sainte-Marie
GDR Renewable marine energies Nantes October J. Salomon
GDR Transnat Roscoff November E. Audusse
Liquid-vapor interfaces in fluid flows Paris December D. Kazerani

Table 3.
Seminars Date Member
IMUS (Sevilla, Spain) February Y. Penel
EDANYA (Málaga, Spain) April N. Aissiouene
Paris (LJLL) May M. Parisot
GIS HED2 June D. Kazerani
Luminy (CEMRACS) August E. Audusse
Lille September M. Parisot

Leadership within the Scientific Community

Table 4.
Organisation People Duty
AMIES E. Godlewski Member of board
CFEM E. Godlewski Director
Comité d'Orientation Pour les Risques Naturels Majeurs du Ministère de l'Environnement A. Mangeney Member
EGRIN E. Audusse Correspondent (Paris 13)
B. di Martino Correspondent (Corse)
N. Goutal Correspondent (EDF)
C. Guichard Correspondent (UPMC)
A. Mangeney Member of board
M. Parisot Correspondent (ANGE)
J. Sainte-Marie Scientific head
HCERES A. Mangeney Expert
LJLL E. Godlewski Deputy director
Research commission of UPMC D. Kazerani Member
SMAI Y. Penel Member of board