Section: New Software and Platforms


Keywords: CAO - Algebraic geometric modeler

Scientific Description

Axel is an algebraic geometric modeler that aims at providing “algebraic modeling” tools for the manipulation and computation with curves, surfaces or volumes described by semi-algebraic representations. These include parametric and implicit representations of geometric objects. Axel also provides algorithms to compute intersection points or curves, singularities of algebraic curves or surfaces, certified topology of curves and surfaces, etc. A plugin mechanism allows to extend easily the data types and functions available in the plateform.

Functional Description

Axel is a cross platform software to visualize, manipulate and compute 3D objects. It is composed of a main application and several plugins. The main application provides atomic geometric data and processes, a viewer based on VTK, a GUI to handle objects, to select data, to apply process on them and to visualize the results. The plugins provides more data with their reader, writer, converter and interactors, more processes on the new or atomic data. It is written in C++ and thanks to a wrapping system using SWIG, its data structures and algorithms can be integrated into C# programs, as well as Python. The software is distributed as a source package, as well as binary packages for Linux, MacOSX and Windows.

  • Participants: Nicolas Douillet, Anaïs Ducoffe, Valentin Michelet, Bernard Mourrain, Meriadeg Perrinel, Stéphane Chau and Julien Wintz

  • Contact: Bernard Mourrain

  • URL: http://axel.inria.fr/

Collaboration with Elisa Berrini (MyCFD, Sophia), Tor Dokken (Gotools library, Oslo, Norway), Angelos Mantzaflaris (GISMO library, Linz, Austria), Laura Saini (Post-Doc GALAAD/Missler, TopSolid), Gang Xu (Hangzhou Dianzi University, China).