Section: New Results

Computation of the Invariants of Finite Abelian Groups

Participant : Evelyne Hubert.

In [7] we investigate the computation and applications of rational invariants of the linear action of a finite abelian group in the nonmodular case. By diagonalization, such a group action can be described by integer matrices of orders and exponents. We make use of integer linear algebra to compute a minimal generating set of invariants along with the substitution needed to rewrite any invariant in terms of this generating set. In addition, we show how to construct a minimal generating set that consists only of polynomial invariants. As an application, we provide a symmetry reduction scheme for polynomial systems whose solution set is invariant by a finite abelian group action. Finally, we also provide an algorithm to find such symmetries given a polynomial system.

This is joint work with George Labahn (University of Waterloo, Canada).