Section: New Results

A Line/Trimmed NURBS Surface Intersection Algorithm Using Matrix Representations

Participant : Laurent Busé.

In the work [11], we contribute a reliable line/surface intersection method for trimmed NURBS surfaces, based on a novel matrix-based implicit representation and numerical methods in linear algebra such as singular value decomposition and the computation of generalized eigenvalues and eigenvectors. A careful treatment of degenerate cases makes our approach robust to intersection points with multiple pre-images. We then apply our intersection algorithm to mesh NURBS surfaces through Delaunay refinement. We demonstrate the added value of our approach in terms of accuracy and treatment of degenerate cases, by providing comparisons with other intersection approaches as well as a variety of meshing experiments.

This is a joint work in collaboration with Pierre Alliez from TITANE Inria project-team and Jingjing SHen and Neil Dodgson both from Cambridge University.