Section: New Software and Platforms


Keyword: Recommender system

Functional Description

WhatsUp is a distributed recommendation system aimed to distribute instant news in a large scale dynamic system. WhatsUp has two parts, an embedded application server in order to exchange with others peers in the system and a fully dynamic web interface for displaying news and collecting opinions about what the user reads. Underlying this web-based application lies Beep, a biased epidemic dissemination protocol that delivers news to interested users in a fast manner while limiting spam. Beep is parametrized on the fly to manage the orientation and the amplification of news dissemination. Every user forwards the news of interest to a randomly selected set of users with a preference towards those that have similar interests (orientation). The notion of interest does not rely on any explicit social network or subscription scheme, but rather on an implicit and dynamic overlay capturing the commonalities between users with respect to they are interested in. The size of the set of users to which a news is forwarded depends on the interest of the news (amplification). A centralized version of WhatsUp is already up and running and the decentralized one is still in beta version.

  • Participants: Davide Frey, Ribeiro Heverson, Antoine Boutet, Anne Marie Kermarrec, Arnaud Jegou, Rachid Guerraoui and Jean Francois Verdonck

  • Contact: Davide Frey