Section: New Software and Platforms


Peer-to-Peer AllYours

Functional Description

P2P-AllYours is customization of WhatsUp developed in the context of the EIT/ICT-Labs AllYours project. In addition to WhatsUp (the distributed recommender engine), P2P-AllYours comprises the following features:

  • A new web interface, which users can access through a local web-server integrated in P2P-AllYours.

  • A set of automatic nodes (BOTs) that can extract news items from RSS feeds and insert them into the recommender system.

  • A content-bootstrap that solves the issues related to bootstrapping the recommender system when a user connects for the first time.

  • An experiment management server that allows users to register for the application in the context of the testing program.

  • Participants: Davide Frey, Heverson Borba Ribeiro, Raziel Carvajal Gomez, Arnaud Jegou and Anne-Marie Kermarrec

  • Contact: Davide Frey