Section: New Software and Platforms


Functional Description

VMPlaces is a dedicated framework to evaluate and compare VM placement algorithms. This framework is composed of two major components: the injector and the VM placement algorithm. The injector is the generic part of the framework (i.e. the one you can directly use) while the VM placement algorithm is the part you want to study (or compare with available algorithms). Currently, the VMPlaceS is released with three algorithms:

Entropy, a centralized approach using a constraint programming approach to solve the placement/reconfiguration VM problem

Snooze, a hierarchical approach where each manager of a group invokes Entropy to solve the placement/reconfiguration VM problem. Note that in the original implementation of Snooze, it is using a specific heuristic to solve the placement/reconfiguration VM problem. As the sake of simplicity, we have simply reused the entropy scheduling code.

DVMS, a distributed approach that dynamically partitions the system and invokes Entropy on each partition.