Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International initiatives

Rare event simulation in epidemiology — PhD project at université de Ziguinchor

Participants : Ramatoulaye Dabo, Frédéric Cérou, François Le Gland.

This is the subjet of the PhD project of Ramatoulaye Dabo (université Assane Seck de Ziguinchor and université de Rennes 1).

The question here is to develop adaptive multilevel splitting algorithms for models that are commonly used in epidemiology, such as SIR (susceptible, infectious, recovered) models  [32], or more complex compartmental models. A significant advantage of adaptive multilevel splitting is its robustness, since it does not require too much knowledge about the behavior of the system under study. An interesting challenge would be to understand how to couple the algorithm with numerically efficient simulation methods such as τ–leaping  [42]. Complexity bounds and estimation error bounds could also be studied.