Section: New Software and Platforms


Participants : Daniel Balouek-Thomert, Yves Caniou, Eddy Caron, Arnaud Lefray.

Functional Description

Diet (Distributed Interactive Engineering Toolbox) is a middleware designed for high-performance computing in a heterogeneous and distributed environment (workstations, clusters, grids, clouds). Three main developments are done in 2016:

Proxmox support:

Diet has a new Cloud extension that can be used to interact with this PVE (Proxmox Virtual Environment) solution. Proxmox is a complete open source server virtualization management software, based on KVM virtualization and container-based virtualization. It manages KVM virtual machines, Linux containers (LXC), storage, virtualized networks, and HA clusters. This extension is a contribution provided by the NewGeneration-SR company.

DaaS support:

The goal of this development was to add Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) functionality to the Diet middleware via an optional module. We have added the GDConnect plug-in to the Diet Data manager that provides the capability to deal with Google's Cloud Storage.

Energy Support:

We designed, implementation and evaluation of an energy-efficient resource management system that builds upon Diet and NSDE-divisible tasks with precedence constraints.