Publications of the year

Doctoral Dissertations and Habilitation Theses

  • 1B. Scherrer.

    Contributions algorithmiques au contrôle optimal stochastique à temps discret et horizon infini, Université de Lorraine (Nancy), June 2016, Habilitation à diriger des recherches.


Articles in International Peer-Reviewed Journals

  • 2R. Azaïs, A. Muller-Gueudin.

    Optimal choice among a class of nonparametric estimators of the jump rate for piecewise-deterministic Markov processes, in: Electronic journal of statistics , 2016.

  • 3O. Collignon, J.-M. Monnez.

    Clustering of the values of a response variable and simultaneous covariate selection using a stepwise algorithm, in: Applied Mathematics, 2016, vol. 07, pp. 1639 - 1648. [ DOI : 10.4236/am.2016.715141 ]

  • 4C. Lacaux, G. Samorodnitsky.

    Time-changed Extremal Process as a Random Sup Measure, in: Bernoulli journal, 2016, vol. 22, no 4, pp. 1979–2000.

  • 5S. Li, F. Bonneu, J. J. Chadoeuf, D. Picart, A. Gégout-Petit, L. Guerin-Dubrana.

    Spatial and Temporal Pattern Analyses 1 of Esca Grapevine Disease in Vineyards in France, in: Phytopathology, 2017.

  • 6I.-C. Morarescu, S. Martin, A. Girard, A. Muller-Gueudin.

    Coordination in networks of linear impulsive agents, in: IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, September 2016, vol. 61, no 9, pp. 2402-2415. [ DOI : 10.1109/TAC.2015.2492058 ]

  • 7G. Nichil, P. Vallois.

    Provisioning against borrowers default risk, in: Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 2016, vol. 66, pp. 29-43. [ DOI : 10.1016/j.insmatheco.2015.10.004 ]

  • 8P. Retif, T. Bastogne, M. Barberi-Heyob.

    Robustness analysis of a Geant4-Gate simulator for nano-radiosensitizers characterization, in: IEEE Transactions on NanoBioscience, April 2016, vol. 15, no 3, pp. 209-217. [ DOI : 10.1109/TNB.2016.2527720 ]

  • 9P. Retif, A. Reinhard, H. Paquot, V. Jouan-Hureaux, A. Chateau, L. Sancey, M. Barberi-Heyob, S. Pinel, T. Bastogne.

    Monte Carlo simulations guided by imaging to predict the in vitro ranking of radiosensitizing nanoparticles, in: International Journal of Nanomedicine, November 2016, vol. 11, pp. 6169-6179. [ DOI : 10.2147/IJN.S111320 ]

  • 10B. Scherrer.

    Improved and Generalized Upper Bounds on the Complexity of Policy Iteration, in: Mathematics of Operations Research, February 2016, Markov decision processes ; Dynamic Programming ; Analysis of Algorithms. [ DOI : 10.1287/moor.2015.0753 ]

  • 11M. Toussaint, S. Pinel, F. Auger, N. Durieux, M. Thomassin, E. Thomas, A. Moussaron, D. Meng, F. Plénat, M. Amouroux, T. Bastogne, C. Frochot, O. Tillement, F. Lux, M. Barberi-Heyob.

    Proton MR spectroscopy and diffusion MR imaging monitoring to predict tumor response to interstitial photodynamic therapy for glioblastoma, in: Theranostics, 2017.

  • 12J.-B. Tylcz, T. Bastogne, A. Bourguignon, C. Frochot, M. Barberi-Heyob.

    Realtime tracking of the photobleaching trajectory during photodynamic therapy, in: IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 2017, 8 p. [ DOI : 10.1109/TBME.2016.2620239 ]


Invited Conferences

  • 13M. Ben Abdallah, M. Blonski, S. Wantz-Mézières, Y. Gaudeau, L. Taillandier, J.-M. Moureaux.

    Evaluation statistique de la segmentation manuelle de données IRM de gliomes diffus de bas grade, in: 18e Colloque Compression et Représentation des Signaux Audiovisuels, CORESA 2016, Nancy, France, May 2016.

  • 14M. Ben Abdallah, M. Blonski, S. Wantz-Mézières, Y. Gaudeau, L. Taillandier, J.-M. Moureaux.

    Modèles prédictifs pour les gliomes diffus de bas grade sous chimiothérapie, in: 18e Colloque Compression et Représentation des Signaux Audiovisuels, CORESA 2016, Nancy, France, May 2016.

  • 15M. Ben Abdallah, M. Blonski, S. Wantz-Mézières, Y. Gaudeau, L. Taillandier, J.-M. Moureaux.

    Modèles prédictifs pour les gliomes diffus de bas grade sous chimiothérapie, in: Modélisation biostatistique et biomathématique des données d'imagerie en cancérologie, Bordeaux, France, Cancéropôle Grand Sud-Ouest, April 2016, Présentation Poster.

  • 16M. Ben Abdallah, M. Blonski, S. Wantz-Mézières, Y. Gaudeau, L. Taillandier, J.-M. Moureaux.

    Predictive models for diffuse low-grade glioma patients under chemotherapy, in: 38th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, EMBC’16, Orlando, Florida, United States, August 2016.

  • 17M. Ben Abdallah, M. Blonski, S. Wantz-Mézières, Y. Gaudeau, L. Taillandier, J.-M. Moureaux.

    Statistical evaluation of manual segmentation of a diffuse low-grade glioma MRI dataset, in: 38th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, EMBC’16, Orlando, Florida, United States, August 2016.


International Conferences with Proceedings

  • 18M. Achard, S. Acherar, P. Althuser, J.-C. Andre, A. Philippe, M. Barberi-Heyob, F. Baros, T. Bastogne, C. Boninsegna, C. Boura, L. Colombeau, C. Frochot, V. Jouan-Hureaux, S. Goria, J. Landon, A. Mohd Gazzali, S. Pinel, T. Roques-Carmes, N. Thomas, M. Toussaint, R. Vanderesse, Z. Youssef.

    PDTeam’s project: targeting to improve PDT selectivity, in: Photodynamic Therapy and Photodiagnosis update, Nancy, France, October 2016, pp. Poster PC-028, Présentation Poster.

  • 19K. Duarte, J.-M. Monnez, E. Albuisson.

    Valeur pronostique d'une estimation du volume plasmatique dans l'insuffisance cardiaque, in: 48èmes Journées de Statistique de la Société Française de Statistique, Montpellier, France, May 2016.

  • 20A. Gégout-Petit, S. Li.

    Two-step centered spatio-temporal auto-logistic regression model, in: SADA416, Applied Statistics for Development in Africa, Cotonou, Benin, November 2016.

  • 21J. Perolat, B. Piot, B. Scherrer, O. Pietquin.

    On the Use of Non-Stationary Strategies for Solving Two-Player Zero-Sum Markov Games, in: 19th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (AISTATS 2016), Cadiz, Spain, Proceedings of the International Conference on Artificial Intelligences and Statistics, May 2016.

  • 22J. Pérolat, B. Piot, M. Geist, B. Scherrer, O. Pietquin.

    Softened Approximate Policy Iteration for Markov Games, in: ICML 2016 - 33rd International Conference on Machine Learning, New York City, United States, June 2016.


Conferences without Proceedings

  • 23L. Batista, T. Bastogne, E.-H. Djermoune.

    Identification of dynamical biological systems based on mixed-effect models, in: 31st ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, Pisa, Italy, April 2016.

  • 24L. Batista, T. Bastogne, E.-H. Djermoune.

    Mixed-effects ARX model identification of dynamical systems, in: 25th Meeting of the Population Approach Group in Europe, PAGE 2016, Lisboa, Portugal, June 2016, PAGE 25 (2016) Abstr 5807 p, Présentation Poster.

  • 25P. Héna, A. Reinhard, P. Retif, A. Chateau, V. Jouan-Hureaux, L. Sancey, T. Bastogne, P. Quetin, S. Pinel, M. Barberi-Heyob.

    Screening process of radiosensitizing nanoparticles based on basic in vitro experimental data and in silico analysis, in: 13e Colloque Nano-hybrides, Porquerolles, France, ILM, Lyon 1, May 2016, Présentation Poster.


Scientific Books (or Scientific Book chapters)

  • 26M. Schliemann-Bullinger, D. Fey, T. Bastogne, R. Findeisen, P. Scheurich, E. Bullinger.

    The experimental side of parameter estimation, in: Uncertainty in Biology - A Computational Modeling Approach, L. Geris, D. Gomez-Cabrero (editors), Studies in Mechanobiology, Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials, Springer, 2016, vol. 17, pp. 127-154.


Other Publications

References in notes
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