Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives

  • PEPS AMIES (2016), Apprentissage supervisé pour l'aide au diagnostic, Collaboration Institut Elie Cartan avec la StartUp SD Innovation Frouard. Participants: A. Gégout-Petit, P. Vallois

  • Popart (2016-2017) In the framework of collaboration with A. Deveau of Inra Nancy, A. Gégout-Petit and A. Muller-Gueudin are included in the Inra "Microbial Ecosystems & Metaomics, Call 2016" Project "Popart"for "Regulation of the Poplar microbiome by its host: is the immune system involved ? ". The aim is to develop methodology for the inference of regulation network betwen micro-organisms around Poplar. The specificity of the data is the inflation of zeros that has to be taken into account.

  • Intérêt des antiangiogènes dans la potentialisation des thérapies par rayonnement dans le cas des glioblastomes (2016). Funding organism: Ligue contre le Cancer (CCIR-GE). Leader: N. Thomas (CRAN, U. Lorraine). Participants : C. Lacaux and A. Muller-Gueudin

  • (2014-16), A library of Near-InfraRed absorbing photosensitizers: tailoring and assessing photophysical and synergetic photodynamic properties, Funding organism: PHC Bosphore - Campus France, Leader: M. Barberi-Heyob (CRAN), Thierry Bastogne

  • GDR 3475 Analyse Multifractale, Funding organism: CNRS, Leader: S. Jaffard (Université Paris-Est), Céline Lacaux

  • GDR 3477 Géométrie stochastic, Funding organism: CNRS, Leader: P. Calka (Université Rouen), Céline Lacaux

  • FHU CARTAGE (Fédération Hospitalo Universitaire Cardial and ARTerial AGEing ; leader : Pr Athanase BENETOS), Jean-Marie Monnez

  • RHU Fight HF (Fighting Heart Failure ; leader : Pr Patrick ROSSIGNOL), located at the University Hospital of Nancy, Jean-Marie Monnez

  • Project "Handle your heart", team responsible for the creation of a drug prescription support software for the treatment of heart failure, head: Jean-Marie Monnez