Section: New Results

Direct and inverse modeling of thin elastic rods and shells

Experimental validation of the inverse statics of a thin elastic rod

Participants : Florence Bertails-Descoubes, Victor Romero.

In collaboration with Arnaud Lazarus (UPMC, Laboratoire Jean le Rond d'Alembert), we have built an experimental set-up to fabricate thin elastic rods and measure their deformation, with the aim to validate our full process for inverse static design. This work is still ongoing.

Strain-based modeling of inextensible and developable shells

Participants : Florence Bertails-Descoubes, Romain Casati, Alejandro Blumentals.

We have worked out the analagous of a super-helix element for modeling an inextensible and developable shell patch, using only two material curvatures. As for the super-helix model, the terms of the dynamics can be integrated formally, leading to a rich and efficient dynamical model [36]. How to connect different patches together is a topic for future work.

Inverse statics of plates and shells with frictional contact

Participants : Florence Bertails-Descoubes, Romain Casati, Gilles Daviet.

We study the problem of cloth inverse design, relying on a nodal shell model for modeling garments. We have shown how to formulate draping as a local constrained minimization problem, and we have generalized the adjoint method to handle constrained cases, e.g., frictional contact between the garment and the body [43].