Section: Application Domains

Aeronautical combustion chambers

The combustion chamber of aeronautical engines is the system of practical interest we are interested in as far as propulsion devices are concerned. The MAVERIC test facility presented in Fig. 2 was developed by P. Bruel during the theses (CIFRE Turbomeca) of A. Most (2007) and J.-L. Florenciano (2013). The initial objective was to reproduce experimentally a simplified flow configuration (jet(s) in crossflow) representative of that encountered at the level of the effusion cooled aeronautical combustion chambers walls. The experimental data were used by Safran/Turbomeca to assess the predictive capability of LES simulations during our joint participation in the EU-FP7 KIAI program (2009-2013). Concerning DNS, the jet in crossflow configurations of our AeroSol based simulations which represent our contribution to the EU IMPACT-AE program (2011-2016) were chosen in partnership with Turbomeca who is leading the corresponding work package. On the side of turbulence modelling, in the just-started EU-SOPRANO program (2016-2020), the RANS and possibly hybrid RANS-LES models developed in CAGIRE will be compared to experimental data provided by ONERA, in order to validate their ability to represent the turbulent mixing and heat transfer in effusion cooled walls of combustion chambers, and used to study the influence of various parameters, in order to develop approximate boundary conditions for industrial computations. Last but not least, tests aimed at demonstrating the feasibility of characterizing in situ by PIV the velocity field of flows emerging from different kinds of fuel nozzles were carried out at the Turbomeca premises in 2012 and 2013. Although our main present industrial partners are large companies, we are and will be actively targeting much smaller companies (SMEs) especially in the southwest part of France. In that respect, the partnership we just started with AD Industries which is manufacturing fuel nozzles as well as combustion chambers for business jet engines is emblematic of our involvement in such kind of partnership.

Figure 2. Overview of the Cagire test facility MAVERIC.