Section: New Results

Wave energy conversion hydrodynamics

  • Participants: Umberto Bosi, Mario Ricchiuto

  • Corresponding member: Mario Ricchiuto

We have developed a prototype spectral element solver four a coupled set of differential equations modelling wave propagation (so-called outer domain), and the submerged flow under a floating body (inner domain). Both systems of equations are depth-averaged (Boussinesq type) systems involving some dispersive terms. They are further coupled to a force balance providing a (system of) ODE(s) for the floater. This model constitutes an intermediate fidelity approximation for the hydrodynamics of a wave energy converter. Differently from all industrial state of the art, it is a (fully) nonlinear model. However, its cost is extremely low when compared to full three-dimensional CFD analyses, due to the dimensional reduction brought from the depth averaged modelling. Last year we have shown the potential of this approach to predict the hydrodynamics of a floater in a simplified case [90], [91] (journal version to appear on J. Ocean Eng. and Marine Energy). This year we have further studied the issue of the coupling between domains with different PDE models (as in our case the inner and outer domains), and suggested an approach (based on a first order reformulation) allowing to coupled domains with different equations and with or without dispersive effects on either side. This work is done in the framework of the MIDWEST project funded by the EU OCEANEranet call.