Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral Contracts with Industry

Several contracts have been realized:

  • SAFRAN-HERAKLES, 20Keuros for the development of a code for computing low-probability.

  • CNES, 10 KEuros, for the technological transfer of Sparse-PDD code.

  • CEA 2015 10237, 60 Keuro for the supervision of the post-doc of Maxence Clayes by P.M. Congedo

  • CEA 16-CIFRE PELUCHON, 20 Keuro for the supervision by L. Mieussens of the PhD of Simon Peluchon at the CEA-CESTA (1/1/15 - 31/12/17)

  • BGS IT&E (2016-2018), 20 Keuro for a consulting by M. Ricchiuto on the implantation of some of the technology in the code SLOWS in their in-house model.