Section: New Software and Platforms


The goal of the IDAM project is to define a collection of plugins in the MUSIC software in order to create realistic meshes for the CEPS code. MUSIC is a multimodal platform for cardiac imaging developed by the imaging team at IHU LIRYC (https://bil.inria.fr/fr/software/view/1885/tab). Information comes from magnetic resonance imaging and cardiac tomography performed in the clinic and in the LIRYC laboratories. Building complete cardiac models directly from imaging data requires expert knowledge and is time-consuming and error-prone: specific expertise and multiple software tools are often needed to process data stemming from medical imaging into realistic meshes and parameter distributions.

IDAM aims to streamline the workflow of a complete cardiac simulation: anatomical mesh generation from patient-specific data, description of simulation parameters, and eventually analysis of simulation results obtained by simulation packages like CEPS (https://bil.inria.fr/fr/software/view/2630/tab). IDAM integrates tools from other Inria teams by using specialized libraries, for example MMG (https://bil.inria.fr/fr/software/view/2824/tab) for high-quality mesh generation.

Figure 1. Mesh of a human torso and one of the X-ray computed-tomography slices on which it was based.