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Section: New Results

Massive gaz Injection

Participant : Boniface Nkonga.

The massive injection of impurity gas into a plasma has been proved to reduce forces and localized thermal loads caused by disruptions in tokamaks. This mitigation system is routinely used on JET to shut down plasmas with a locked mode. The DMV's injectors of JET have been modelled with all the 3D details (see Figure 1, 2 and 3) . We have performed many 3D simulations and the predicted flight times are in accordance with experimental measurements. Moreover, the computations give also a clear domain for the application of 1D approximations and scaling.

Figure 1. DMV resevoir of the JET Tokamak
Figure 2. Reservoir, tube and plasma front of the Injection system of JET.
Figure 3. 3D Mesh of tetrahedral elements.