Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives

  • The ANR project Estimair aims at quantifying the uncertainties of air quality simulations at urban scale. The propagation of uncertainties requires the use of model reduction and emulation. A key uncertainty source lies in the traffic emissions, which are generated using a dynamic traffic assignment model. Ensembles of traffic assignments are calibrated and used in the uncertainty quantification. Estimair is led by Clime.

  • The IPSL project "AVES" (Ensemble Variational Assimilation applied to a shallow-water model) aims at estimating the quality of an ensemble produced by a variational ensemble algorithm applied on a shallow-water numerical model. A focus is made on the bayesian properties of the ensemble, i.e. its capacity to sample the a-posteriori probability law of the model state.

  • Two new ANR projects have been accepted in 2016 and will begin in January 2017.

    FireCaster aims at fire forecasting and risk mitigation.

    Cense aims at the estimation of urban noise, using numerical simulation and a dense monitoring network.