Section: Application Domains

Entertainment industry and arts

Robots have a long history with entertainment and arts where animatronics have been used since years for cinematographic shootings, theater, amusement parc and performing arts. These animatronics are either radio-controlled by a team of professionals or using recorded movements. Our FEM-inversed approach to control soft robots may simplify animatronic control and thus impact this field. We are currently working on implementing demonstration of a deformable animatronic puppets in which motion tracking systems are used and the gestures and movements directly control the puppet. We are also collaborating with the art school Le Fresnoy based at Tourcoing, in particular with the artist Jonathan Pepe (see figure 1).

Figure 1. Our team has worked with the artist Jonathan Pepe on this art work that will be presented at the museum Le palais de Tokyo in 2017.