Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

Regional Initiatives

  • Project Stabilité des systèmes à excitation persistante, Program MathIng, Labex LMH, 2013-2016. This project is about different stability properties for systems whose damping is intermittently activated. The coordinator is Mario Sigalotti. The other members are Yacine Chitour and Guilherme Mazanti.

  • iCODE is the Institute for Control and Decision of the Idex Paris Saclay. It was launched in March 2014 for two years until June 2016. We have been involved in three actions funded by iCODE:

    • one action on control of quantum systems, in collaboration with Nicoals Boulant of Neurospin. The action was coordinated by Ugo Boscain;

    • one action on control of wave propagation on networks. The action was coordinated by Mario Sigalotti;

    • one action on switched system. The action was coordinated by Marianne Akian (and handled by MAXPLUS).

    Starting from November 2016, iCODE has been renewed for three years as a IRS (Institut de Recherche Strategique) by the Idex Paris Saclay. The funded actions have still not been identified.

  • Starting from the end of 2015, we obtained a grant by PGMO (Gaspard Monge Program for Optimisation and operational research) on Geometric Optimal Control. The grant duration is one year, has been renewed in 2016 and is still renewable for a third year. The grant is coordinated by Mario Sigalotti (up to August, it was co-coordinated by Luca Rizzi as well).