Section: New Results

Temporal evolution of coastal upwelling

Participants: A. El Aouni, K. Minaoui, A. Tamim, K. Daoudi, H. Yahia, A. Atillah, D. Aboutajdine.

We present a new methodology to derive rigorous SST-based coastal upwelling index for the purpose of conducting a saisonal variablity of upwelling area along the Moroccan Atlantic coast. The method is based on the scientific knowledge of upwelling area and its spatial dis- tribution provided by expert oceanographers.The latter consists in automatically identify and extract the region covered by the upwelling waters in the costal ocean of Morocco using the Fuzzy c-means algorithm and finding regions of homogeneous pixels. Then Region Growing process is used to filter out the remaining noisy structures in the offshort waters. The methodology is used to provide a satistical view of the spatial and temporal variability of the Moroccan upwelling activity. The relevance of the proposed Coastal Upwelling Index (CUI) is evaluated by an oceanographer using 86 8-days sea surface temperature images and it is shown to be superior to that of the standard upwelling index.

Publication: [https://hal.inria.fr/hal-01424036].