Section: New Software and Platforms


PlaFRIM: Plateforme Fédérative pour la Recherche en Informatique et Mathématiques

PlaFRIM is an experimental platform for research in modeling, simulations and high performance computing. This platform has been set up from 2009 under the leadership of Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest in collaboration with computer science and mathematics laboratories, respectively Labri and IMB with a strong support in the region Aquitaine.

It aggregates different kinds of computational resources for research and development purposes. The latest technologies in terms of processors, memories and architecture are added when they are available on the market. It is now more than 1,000 cores (excluding GPU and Xeon Phi ) that are available for all research teams of Inria Bordeaux, Labri and IMB. This computer is in particular used by all the engineers who work in HiePACS and are advised by F. Rue from the SED.