Section: Highlights of the Year

Highlights of the Year

Conference organization

We organized the 9th International workshop on Parallel Matrix Algorithms and Pllication (PMAA'16 - July 6-8) in collaboration with Bordeaux INP, CNRS and Université de Bordeaux. The conference that was composed of 4 invited plenary presentations and 76 regular talks. Arround 120 people attended the conference, 70 % were from Europe, 20 % from North America, 7 % from Asia; among them more than 25 % were students. We succeeded to offer free registration to the students thanks to the sponsorship we arose from Airbus DS, CEA, CERFACS, Clustervision, Labex CPU, DELL, EDF, IBM and Total that contributed to balance our budget.

More details can be found on http://pmaa16.inria.fr