Section: Dissemination

Teaching - Supervision - Juries


We indicate below the number of hours spent in teaching activities on a yearly basis for each scientific staff member involved.

  • Undergraduate level/Licence

    • A. Esnard: System programming 36h, Computer architecture 40h, Network 23h at Bordeaux University.

    • M. Faverge: Programming environment 26h, Numerical algorithmic 30h, C projects 20h at Bordeaux INP (ENSEIRB-MatMeca).

    • P. Ramet: System programming 24h, Databases 32h, Object programming 48h, Distributed programming 32h, Cryptography 32h at Bordeaux University.

  • Post graduate level/Master

    • E. Agullo: Operating systems 24h at Bordeaux University ; Dense linear algebra kernels 8h, Numerical algorithms 30h at Bordeaux INP (ENSEIRB-MatMeca).

    • O. Coulaud: Paradigms for parallel computing 24h, Hierarchical methods 8h at Bordeaux INP (ENSEIRB-MatMeca).

    • A. Esnard: Network management 27h, Network security 27h at Bordeaux University; Programming distributed applications 35h at Bordeaux INP (ENSEIRB-MatMeca).

    • M. Faverge: System programming 74h, Load balancing and scheduling 13h at Bordeaux INP (ENSEIRB-MatMeca).

      He is also in charge of the second year of Embedded Electronic Systems option at Bordeaux INP (ENSEIRB-MatMeca).

    • L. Giraud: Introduction to intensive computing and related programming tools 20h, INSA Toulouse; Introduction to high performance computing and applications 20h, ISAE; On mathematical tools for numerical simulations 10h, ENSEEIHT Toulouse; Parallel sparse linear algebra 11h at Bordeaux INP (ENSEIRB-MatMeca).

    • A. Guermouche: Network management 92h, Network security 64h, Operating system 24h at Bordeaux University.

    • P. Ramet: Load balancing and scheduling 13h, Numerical algorithms 30h at Bordeaux INP (ENSEIRB-MatMeca). He also gives classes on Cryptography 30h, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

    • J. Roman: Parallel sparse linear algebra 10h, Algorithmic and parallel algorithms 22h at Bordeaux INP (ENSEIRB-MatMeca).

      He is also in charge of the last year “Parallel and Distributed Computing” option at ENSEIRB-MatMeca which is specialized in HPC (methodologies and applications). This is a common training curriculum between Computer Science and MatMeca departments at Bordeaux INP and with Bordeaux University in the context of Computer Science Research Master. It provides a lot of well-trained internship students for Inria projects working on HPC and simulation.

  • Summer School: on an annual basis, we run a three day advanced training (lecture and hands on) on parallel linear algebra in the framework of the European PRACE PATC ( PRACE Advanced Training Centres) initiative. This training has been organized in many places in France and will be held next year in Ostrava - Czech Republic.


  • PhD in progress : Pierre Blanchard; Fast hierarchical algorithms for the low-rank approximation of dense matrices and applications ; O. Coulaud, E. Darve.

  • PhD in progress : Nicolas Bouzat; Fine grain algorithms and deployment methods for exascale plasma physic applications ; M.Mehrenberger, J.Roman, G. Latu (CEA Cadarache).

  • PhD : Jean-Marie Couteyen Carpaye; Contributions to the parallelization and the scalability of the FLUSEPA code; defended on September 19th; P. Brenner, J. Roman.

  • PhD in progress : Arnaud Durocher; High performance Dislocation Dynamics simulations on heterogeneous computing platforms for the study of creep deformation mechanisms for nuclear applications; O. Coulaud, L. Dupuy (CEA).

  • PhD in progress : Aurélien Falco; Data sparse calculation in FEM/BEM solution; E. Agullo, L. Giraud, G. Sylvand.

  • PhD in progress : Cyril Fournier; Task based programming for unstructured mesh calculations; L. Giraud, G. Stafelbach.

  • PhD in progress : Grégoire Pichon; Utilisation de techniques de compression -matrices pour solveur direct creux parallèle dans le cadre des applications FEM; L. Giraud, P. Ramet.

  • PhD in progress : Louis Poirel; Algebraic coarse space correction for parallel hybrid solvers; E. Agullo, L. Giraud.

  • PhD : Maria Predari; Load balancing for parallel coupled simulations; defended on December 9th; A. Esnard, J. Roman.


  • Okba Hamitou, “Efficient preconditioning method for the CARP-CG iterative solver for the solution of the frequency- domain visco-elastic wave equation’’, referee: Jan S. Hesthaven, Luc Giraud; Université de Grenoble, spécialité: mathématiques appliquées, 22 Décembre 2016.

  • Jean-Charles Papin, "A Scheduling and Partitioning Model for Stencil-based Applications on Many-Core Devices", referee Jean-François Méhaut, Olivier Coulaud; Université Paris-Saclay pré́parée à l’École Normale Supérieure de Cachan spécialité: mathématiques appliquées, 8 Septembre 2016.