Section: New Software and Platforms


Mobile context-Adaptive CAching for COntent-centric networking

Functional Description

MACACOapp is developed in the context of the EU CHIST-ERA MACACO project. It consists in a mobile phone application that periodically samples phone’s information on the mobility (through, e.g., GPS sensor, accelerometer and WiFi/Bluetooth/Cellular environment, connectivity type) and on the data traffic it generates (through, e.g., Internet browser history and applications data consumption). The information collected will be time-stamped and will be periodically sent to the central servers for analysis and visualization. We expect that (1) the collected information will allow us studying the correlation between mobility and content demand patterns and that (2) the results of this analysis will allow us inferring the best times and places to transfer content from/to users’ phones location and/or from/to the wireless infrastructure closest to the users’ phones location. Users will be also invited to fill a non-mandatory questionnaire relevant to this study. Our questionnaire collects information about the personality traits and application preferences of people. We expect that the information collected from questionnaire will allow us to analyse the correlation between users personality traits and their application preferences and interests. User’s application preferences and interests will be inferred from the Internet browsing history and running app information obtained from the MACACO App.