Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives


OverFlow (2015–2019)
  • Project Acronym: OverFlow.

  • Project Title: Workflow Data Management as a Service for Multisite Applications.

  • Coordinator: Alexandru Costan.

  • Duration: Octobre 2015–October 2019.

  • Other Partners: None (Young Researcher Project).

  • External collaborators: Kate Keahey (University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory), Bogdan Nicolae (Huawei Research) and Christophe Blanchet (Institut Français de Bioinformatique).

  • Abstract: This JCJC project led by Alexandru Costan investigates approaches to data management enabling an efficient execution of geographically distributed workflows running on multi-site clouds. Ultimately, OverFlow will propose a new, pioneering paradigm: Workflow Data Management as a Service — a general and easy-to-use, cloud-provided service that bridges for the first time the gap between single- and multi-site workflow data management. It aims to reap economic benefits from the geo-diversity while accelerating the scientific discovery through a democratization of access to globally distributed data.

Other National Projects

DISCOVERY (2015–2019)
  • Project Acronym: DISCOVERY.

  • Project Title: DIStributed and COoperative framework to manage Virtual EnviRonments autonomicallY.

  • Coordinator: Adrien Lèbre.

  • Duration: 2015–2019.

  • Partners: Inria Project-Teams including ASAP, ASCOLA, Avalon, Myriads, and KerData.

  • Abstract: An Inria Project Lab, led by Adrien Lèbre (ASCOLA), that aims at exploring a new way of operating Utility Computing (UC) resources by leveraging any facilities available through the Internet. The goal is to deliver widely distributed platforms that can better match the geographical dispersal of users, as well as the unending demand.

    Within DISCOVERY, S. Ibrahim (KerData Inria Team) is working with Gilles Fedak (Avalon Inria Project-Team) to address the VM images management challenge.

ADT Damaris
  • Project Acronym: ADT Damaris

  • Project Title: Technology development action for te Damaris environment.

  • Coordinator: Alexandru Costan.

  • Duration: 2016–2018.

  • Abstract: This action aims to support the development of the Damaris software. Inria's Technological Development Office (D2T, Direction du Développement Technologique) provided 2 years of funding support for a senior engineer.

    Hadi Salimi is funded through this project to document, test and extend the Damaris software and make it a safely distributable product.


We are members of Grid'5000 community and run experiments on the Grid'5000 platform on a daily basis.