Section: New Software and Platforms


Keywords: Bioinformatics - Biology

Scientific Description

The Paturmata tool-box provides means for qualitative modeling and exploring agrosystems, specifically management of herd based on pasture. The system is modelled using a hierarchical hybrid model described in timed automata formalism.

Functional Description In the PaturMata software, users can create a pasture system description by entering herds and plots information. For each herd, the only parameter is the number of animals. For each plot, users should enter the surface, the density, the herb height, the distance to the milking shed, a herb growth profile and an accessibility degree.

Users then specify pasturing and fertilization strategies. Finally, users can launch a pasture execution. PaturMata displays the results and a detailed trace of pasture. Users can launch a batch of different strategies and compare the results in order to find the best pasture strategy.

PaturMata is developed in Java (Swing for the GUI) and the model-checker that is called for the timed properties verification is UPPAAL .

  • Participants: Christine Largouët, Marie-Odile Cordier, Yulong Zhao

  • Contact: Christine Largouët