Section: New Software and Platforms


Keywords: Data mining - Health - Medical - Physiology - Temporal information

Scientific Description

QTempIntMiner: the QTempIntMiner (Quantitative Temporal Interval Miner) data mining software implements several algorithms presented in [46] and [3] (QTIAPriori and QTIPrefixSpan ). The software is mainly implemented in Matlab. It uses the Mixmod toolbox [33] to compute multi-dimensional Gaussian distributions. The main features of QTempIntMiner are:

  • a tool for generating synthetic noisy sequences of temporal events,

  • an implementation of the QTempIntMiner , QTIAPriori and QTIPrefixSpan algorithms,

  • a graphical interface that enables the user to generate or import data set and to define the parameters of the algorithm and that displays the extracted temporal patterns.

  • a sequence transformer to process long sequences of temporal events. Long sequences are transformed into a database of short temporal sequences that are used as input instances for the available algorithms.

The software includes one new algorithm based on the separation of the set of intervals to extract more efficiently but less accurately the time interval in temporal patterns. This new algorithm version is still under evaluation on simulated and real datasets (care pathways).