LEMON - 2016

Section: Application Domains

Coastal Oceanography

Participants : Fabien Marche, Antoine Rousseau.

Saint-Venant and Boussinesq equations have been widely applied until recently to model and simulate the propagation and transformations of waves in the nearshore area, over rapidly varying topography. However, the first equations do not include dispersive effects, and consequently have a domain of validity limited to the surf zone. The second set of equations overcome the limitations of the SV equations but relies on a “small amplitude assumption” and is therefore unable to model the whole range of waves transformations. This is the reason why they are usually called “weakly nonlinear Boussinesq equations”. A better suited set of equations is known as the Green-Naghdi equations, but until recently, they have received far less attention, both from the theoretical and numerical point of view. In particular, there is no available numerical method of arbitrary ordre for 2d simulations on unstructured meshes. Additionally, the construction of rigorous positive preserving schemes is a paramount for the study of waves run-up.