Section: New Software and Platforms


Participant : Antoine Rousseau.

Tsunami-Lab is an educational platform enabling simulation and visualization of tsunami effects in real time, with several historical scenarios and the possibility to build your own one. The target of this project is to provide students as well as general audience with an educational tool, intended to reduce tsunamis impact in Chile and help sparing human lives.

Tsunami-Lab was initated by José Galaz, engineer in mathematics and civil ingeneering, when he was working at the National Research Center for Integrated Gestion of Natural Hazards (CIGIDEN). The app is born with the match of a need - teach general audience more efficient methods to decrease tsunamis impact and spare human lives - and the use of new technologies. Later, a collaboration came up between CIGIDEN, Inria Chile and Inria (team LEMON) in order to optimize this project development.

Figure 2. Propagation of a tsunami wave created by the a 8.3M earthquake in Chile (2015) using the TsunamiLab platform.