Section: New Software and Platforms


Participant : Antoine Rousseau.

The computation of the wind at small scale and the estimation of its uncertainties is of particular importance for applications such as wind energy resource estimation. To this aim, starting in 2005, we have developed a new method based on the combination of an existing Numerical Weather Prediction model providing a coarse prediction, and a Lagrangian Stochastic Model for turbulent flows. This Stochastic Downscaling Method (SDM) requires a specific modeling of the turbulence closure, and involves various simulation techniques whose combination is totally original (such as Poisson solvers, optimal transportation mass algorithm, original Euler scheme for confined Langevin stochastic processes, and stochastic particle methods).

In 2013, WindPoS became the kernel of the wind farm modeling of the Fundacion Inria Chile. In France, its development is going on through the collaborative Modéol project on the evaluation of wind potential.

Figure 4. Velocity streamlines and vorticity around a wind mill (artistic view). WINDPOS Project.

This is a joint work with Mireille Bossy from the team TOSCA .