Section: Dissemination


D. Robert wrote with Sorina Ionica the chapter “Pairings” of the book Guide to Pairing-Based Cryptography [16] which will be published by CHAPMAN and HALL/CRC. This book aims to help Engineers understand and implement pairing based cryptography. In the Chapter Pairings D. Robert give a self contained definition and proof of the Weil and Tate pairing; including how to handle divisors with non disjoint support (this is often skipped in scientific papers but is important for practical implementations).

H. Cohen wrote a vulgarisation article [17] on Fermat's last theorem. This article explain (through the example of congruent numbers) the role of elliptic curves and algebraic number theory in the solution of Fermat's last theorem.

During the last Pari atelier four talks [19], [18], [20], [21] have been filmed and are available under a creative common licence. This will allow people from all the world to get started faster with Pari . The first two talks focus on setting up personal computers for the atelier and the new features of Pari . The next two are more technical and explain the new L-functions and modular forms features.