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Section: Application Domains

Data Cleaning

The second example of application of our proposal concerns scientists who want to quickly inspect relevant literature and datasets. In such a case, local knowledge that comes from a local repository of publications belonging to a research institute (e.g. HAL) need to be integrated with other Web-based repositories, such as DBLP, Google Scholar, ResearchGate and even Wikipedia. Indeed, the local repository may be incomplete or contain semantic ambiguities, such as mistaken or missing conference venues, mistaken long names for the publication venues and journals, missing explanation of research keywords, and opaque keywords. We envision a publication management system that exploits both links between database elements, namely pointers to external resources and logical links. The latter can be complex relationships between local portions of data and remote resources, encoded as schema mappings. There are different tasks that such a scenario could entail such as (i) cleaning the errors with links to correct data e.g. via mappings from HAL to DBLP for the publications errors, and via mappings from HAL to Wikipedia for opaque keywords, (ii) thoroughly enrich the list of publications of a given research institute, and (iii) support complex queries on the corrected data combined with logical mappings.