Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives

  • ANR Aggreg (2014-19): Aggregated Queries.

    Particpants: J. Niehren [correspondent], P. Bourhis, A. Lemay, A. Boiret

    The coordinator is J. Niehren and the parteners are the University Paris 7 (A. Durand) including members of the Inria project DAHU (L. Ségoufin), the University of Marseille (N. Creignou) and University of Caen (E. Grandjean).

    Objective: the main goal of the Aggreg project is to develop efficient algorithms and to study the complexity of answering aggregate queries for databases and data streams of various kinds.

  • ANR Colis (2015-20): Correctness of Linux Scripts.

    Participants: J. Niehren [correspondent], A. Lemay, S. Tison, A. Boiret, V. Hugot.

    The coordinator is R. Treinen from the University of Paris 7 and the other partner is the Tocata project of Inria Saclay (C. Marché).

    Objective: This project aims at verifying the correctness of transformations on data trees defined by shell scripts for Linux software installation. The data trees here are the instance of the file system which are changed by installation scripts.

  • ANR DataCert (2015-20):

    Participants: I. Boneva [correspondent], S. Tison, J. Lozano.

    Partners: The coordinator is E. Contejean from the University of Paris Sud and the other partner is the University of Lyon.

    Objective: the main goals of the Datacert project are to provide deep specification in Coq of algorithms for data integration and exchange and of algorithms for enforcing security policies, as well as to design data integration methods for data models beyond the relational data model.

  • ANR Headwork (2016-21):

    Participants: P. Bourhis [correspondant], J. Niehren, M. Sakho.

    Scientific partners: The coordinateur is D. Gross-Amblard from the Druid Team (Rennes 1). Other partners include the Dahu team (Inria Saclay) and Sumo (Inria Bretagne)

    Industrial partners: Spipoll, and Foulefactory.

    Objective: The main object is to develop data-centric workflows for programming crowd sourcing systems in flexible declarative manner. The problem of crowd sourcing systems is to fill a database with knowledge gathered by thousands or more human participants. A particular focus is to be put on the aspects of data uncertainty and for the representation of user expertise.

  • ANR Delta (2016-21):

    Participants: P. Bourhis [correspondent], D. Gallois.

    Partners: The coordinator is M. Zeitoun from LaBRI, other partners are LIF (Marseille) and IRIF (Paris-Diderot).

    Objective: Delta is focused on the study of logic, transducers and automata. In particular, it aims at extending classical framework to handle input/output, quantities and data.