Section: New Software and Platforms


Scientific Description

Montjoie is designed for the efficient solution of time-domain and time-harmonic linear partial differential equations using high-order finite element methods. This code is mainly written for quadrilateral/hexahedral finite elements, partial implementations of triangular/tetrahedral elements are provided. The equations solved by this code, come from the ”wave propagation” problems, particularly acoustic, electromagnetic, aeroacoustic, elasto-dynamic problems.

Functional Description

Montjoie is a code that provides a C++ framework for solving partial differential equations on unstructured meshes with finite element-like methods (continuous finite element, discontinuous Galerkin formulation, edge elements and facet elements). The handling of mixed elements (tetrahedra, prisms, pyramids and hexahedra) has been implemented for these different types of finite elements methods. For time-domain simulations, a wide range of ODE (Ordinary Differential Equation) solvers have been implemented : high-order explicit or implicit time schemes. Several applications are currently available : wave equation, elastodynamics, aero-acoustics, Maxwell's equations.