Section: Dissemination

Teaching - Supervision - Juries


The members of our team are involved in teaching computer science at University of Bordeaux, ENSEIRB Engineering School, and Institut d'Optique Graduate School (IOGS). General computer science is concerned, as well as the following graphics related topics:

  • Master : Pierre Bénard, Gaël Guennebaud, Romain Pacanowski, Advanced Image Synthesis, 60 HETD, M2, Univ. Bdx, France.

  • Master : Gaël Guennebaud, Numerical Techniques, 45 HETD, M1, IOGS, France

  • Master : Xavier Granier, Image Synthesis, 14 HETD, M2, IOGS, France

  • Master : Gaël Guennebaud, Geometric Modeling, 22 HETD, M2, IOGS, France

  • Master : Romain Pacanowski, Thibaud Lambert, Antoine Lucat & Brett Ridel, Algorithmic and Object Programming, 60 HETD, M1, IOGS, France

  • Master : Xavier Granier, Romain Pacanowski, Colorimetry and Appearance Modeling, 20 HETD, M1, IOGS, France.

  • Master : Gaël Guennebaud and Pierre Bénard, High-performance 3D Graphics, 60 HETD, M1, Univ. Bdx and IOGS, France.

  • Master : Pierre Bénard, Virtual Reality, 24 HETD, M2, Univ. Bdx, France.

  • Master : Ivo Ihrke, Advanced Display Technology, 12 HETD, M1, IOGS, France

  • Master : Pierre Bénard, Image Synthesis and 3D modeling, 60 HETD, M2, ENSEIRB, France

  • Licence : Patrick Reuter, Digital Imaging, 36 HETD, L3, Univ. Bdx, France.

Some members are also in charge of some fields of study:

  • Master : Xavier Granier, M2, IOGS (Bordeaux), France.

  • License : Patrick Reuter, Science and Modeling, L2, Univ. Bdx, France.


  • PhD : Boris Raymond, Rendering and manipulation of anisotropic materials, Univ. Bordeaux, P. Barla & G. Guennebaud & X. Granier

  • PhD : John Restrepo, Plenoptic Imaging and Computational Image Quality Metrics, Inria & Univ. Bordeaux, I. Ihrke

  • PhD : Brett Ridel, Interactive spatial augmented reality, Inria & Univ. Bordeaux, P. Reuter & X. Granier

  • PhD : Carlos Zubiaga Pena, Image-space editing of appearance, Inria & Univ. Bordeaux, P. Barla & X. Granier

  • PhD : Florian Canezin, Implicit Modeling, Univ. Toulouse III, G. Guennebaud & Loïc Barthe

  • PhD : Arthur Dufay, Adaptive high-quality of virtual environments with complex photometry, Technicolor & Univ. Bordeaux, J.-E. Marvie R. Pacanowski & X. Granier

  • PhD : Thibaud Lambert, Real-time rendering of highly detailed 3D models, Inria & Univ. Bordeaux, G. Guennebaud & P. Bénard

  • PhD : Loïs Mignard-Debize, Plenoptic function and its application to spatial augmented reality, Inria & Univ. Bordeaux, P. Reuter & I. Ihrke

  • PhD : Antoine Lucat, Appearance Acquisition and Rendering, IOGS & Univ. Bordeaux, R. Pacanowski & X. Granier

  • PhD : David Murray, Expressive Rendering of Volumetric Data, FEI & Univ. Bordeaux, J. Baril & X. Granier