MONC - 2016
Overall Objectives
Overall Objectives

Section: Dissemination

Teaching - Supervision - Juries


  • Licence: S. Benzekry, Equations différentielles ordinaires, 20h, ENSEIRB-Matmeca, France.

  • Master: T. Colin, Last year of Engineering school Enseirb-Matmeca: multiphysics modelling

  • Licence: T. Colin, First Year of the Engineering school of chemestry of Bordeaux, specilization in structures and composite material: basic mathematics.

  • Licence and Master: A. Collin did a full service as MdC at the Engineering school ENSEIRB-Matmeca.

  • Licence: Clair Poignard, Engineering school ENSCPB. L3 undergraduate course on numerical analysis (50h).

  • Licence: Clair Poignard, Engineering school ENSEIRB-Matmeca: undergraduate lecture on numerical analysis (18h).

  • Master : Olivier Saut, Outils Numériques pour la Mécanique, 20h, M1, ENSEIRB-Matmeca, France.


  • PhD : P. Berment, Mathematical modelling evaluating radiotherapy outcome for colorectal tumor with Pet Scan, Univ. Bordeaux, July 2016, Thierry Colin and Olivier Saut.

  • PhD : E. Baratchart, Quantitative study of the dynamics and spatial aspects of metastatic development using mathematical models, Univ. Bordeaux, February 2016, S. Benzekry, Th. Colin and O. Saut.

  • PhD in progress : M. Deville, Modeling of electroporation and gene transfection across tissue. Theoretical and numerical aspects., Sep 2014, C. Poignard and R. Natalini (IAC, CNR Roma).

  • PhD : O. Gallinato, Invasive process modeling of the tumor metastatic cells, Univ. Bordeaux, C. Poignard and T. Suzuki (Osaka University). (PhD defended November 22, 2016)

  • PhD in progress : T. Kritter, Primary tumors modelling with a view to the gliomas and adenocarcinomas study, Sep 2015, C. Poignard and O. Saut

  • PhD : T. Michel, Analysis of mathematical growth tumor models, Univ. Bordeaux, C. Poignard and Th. Colin. (PhD defended November 18, 2016)

  • PhD in progress : A. Perreti, Anti-angiogenic traitements modeling using medical imaging, Oct 2014, Th. Colin and O. Saut.

  • PhD in progress : S. Corridore, 2016-2019, A. Collin and C. Poignard.

  • PhD in progress : C. Perier, 2016-2019, B. Denis de Senneville and O. Saut.

  • PhD in progress: C. Nicolò, Mathematical modeling of systemic aspects of cancer and cancer therapy, Oct 2016, S. Benzekry and O. Saut.


  • O. Saut was a reviewer of the PhD of Matthieu Lê "Modélisation de la croissance de tumeurs cérébrales, application à la radiothérapie", Univ. Nice, Inria Sophia Antipolis, July 2016.