Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

Regional Initiatives


ProCyPhyS is a one year project funded by University Grenoble Alps, MSTIC department, with the aim to study privacy in cyberphysical system. A post-doc (H. Nouasse) has been hired to perform analysis of privacy protection through system-theoretic measures. We are interested with cyber-physical systems that can be viewed as systems of interconnected entities which are locally governed by difference equations of partial differential equations, namely intelligent transportation systems and indoor navigation. A first approach to analyze privacy preservation is to study observability of the overall system, see [8] where a large family of non-observable networks have been characterized for homogeneous systems of consensus type. In this approach, the network structure immunizes the overall system. A second approach, consists in adding information (noise) to the sensitive one: that is the differential privacy concept that leads to differential filtering where the aim is to develop an estimator that is robust enough according to the added noise [33]. In ProCyPhyS the main goal is to make the system partially nonobservable. The idea is to compress the state space while adding noise to the sensitive information in a smarter way.

Collaboration with IFSTTAR, Lyon, and LICIT team

The group has begun a collaboration with IFSTTAR in Lyon and namely with the LICIT team. We held two informal workshops: the first one in Grenoble, where we presented the team, and the second one in Lyon, which was focused on traffic modeling. During this workshop, the NeCS team proposed the following talks:

  • C. Canudas de Wit, A variable-length cell transmission model for road traffic system;

  • M. L. Delle Monache, Coupled PDE-ODE models for traffic flow.

A third workshop is planned next March and we expect a sustained collaboration during the coming year.