Section: Overall Objectives

Overall Objectives

The purpose of Numed is to develop new numerical methods and tools to simulate and parametrize complex systems arising in biology and medicine. Numed focuses on two axes:

  • Thema 1: Modeling using complex models: how to deal with multiple spatial or temporal scales (theoretical study, numerical simulations)?

    This covers several aims: design of models of propagation taking into account the microscopic phenomena and starting from small scale description, importance of mechanics in the growth of tissues, peculiarities of tumor tissues, nonlinear rheology, evolutionary perspectives.

    Thema 1 may be split in three objectives.

    • Multiscale propagation phenomena in biology

    • Growth of biological tissues

    • Multiscale models in oncology

  • Thema 2: Parametrization of complex models: how to find parameters for complex models, with particular emphasis on population approaches and on computationally expensive models.

and two main axes of applications

  • Thema 3: Stroke

    Stroke is one of the major diseases in developed countries. Its modeling is very challenging and rich, involving imagery, cell death modeling, apoptosis, energy issues, inflammation, free radicals, anatomy, ...

  • Thema 4: Cancer

    The aim is to develop models of cancer growth in close link with clinical data.