Section: Dissemination

Teaching - Supervision - Juries


Master: Pierre-Louis Curien teaches in the course Models of programming languages: domains, categories, games of the MPRI (together with Thomas Ehrhard and Paul-André Melliès).

Master: Hugo Herbelin teaches the course on the proof-as-program correspondence for classical logic and beyond at the LMFI.

Master: Pierre Letouzey teaches two short courses to the LMFI Master 2 students : “Models of programming” and ”Introduction to computed-aided formal proofs”. These two courses come in addition to Pierre Letouzey's regular duty as teacher in the Computer Science department of Paris 7 (including a course on Compilation to M2-Pro students).

Master: Yann Régis-Gianas took part in the MPRI course entitled “Type systems”: he gave a 12-hour course about generalised algebraic data types, higher-order Hoare logic and dependently typed programming.

Master: Matthieu Sozeau taught the MPRI course on Advanced uses of proof assistants (12 hours + a project), together with Assia Mahboubi (Inria SpecFun).

MOOC: In collaboration with Roberto Di Cosmo and Ralf Treinen, Yann Régis-Gianas has created a MOOC about the OCaml programming language. The first edition took place in 2015, the second edition in 2016.


Internship: Yves Guiraud has supervised the M2 internship of Amina Bendjaafar.

Internship: Hugo Herbelin has supervised the L3 internship of Meven Bertrand.

Internship: Hugo Herbelin has supervised the pre-doctoral internship of Théo Zimmermann.

Internship: Yann Régis-Gianas has supervised the M1 internship of Paul Laforgue.

Internship: Yann Régis-Gianas has supervised the M1 internship of Sylvain Ribstein.

PhD (completed): Cyrille Chenavier, supervised by Yves Guiraud and Philippe Malbos, successfully defended in December 2016

PhD in progress: Guillaume Claret, Programmation avec effets en Coq, (started in September 2012), supervised by Hugo Herbelin and Yann Régis-Gianas, defense planned in February 2017.

PhD in progress: Amina Doumane, supervised by Alexis Saurin, David Baelde and Pierre-Louis Curien.

PhD in progress: Thibaut Girka, Differential semantics (started in January 2014), supervised by Roberto Di Cosmo and Yann Régis-Gianas.

PhD in progress: Maxime Lucas, supervised by Yves Guiraud and Pierre-Louis Curien.

Phd in progress: Cyprien Mangin, Dependent Pattern-Matching, induction-induction and higher inductive types, September 2015, supervised by Matthieu Sozeau and Bruno Barras.

PhD in progress: Étienne Miquey, Réalisabilité classique et effets de bords, September 2014, supervised by Hugo Herbelin and Alexandre Miquel.

PhD in progress: Jovana Obradović, Cyclic operads: syntactic, algebraic and categorified aspects, supervised by Pierre-Louis Curien.

PhD stopped: Gabriel Lewertowski, On forcing in type theory, supervised by Matthieu Sozeau and Nicolas Tabareau. Gabriel stopped his PhD in september 2016 and is now working at la Pitié Salpêtrière as an engineer.

PhD starting: Gaëtan Gilbert, Definitional Proof Irrelevance, supervised by Nicolas Tabareau and Matthieu Sozeau.

PhD starting: Théo Zimmermann, supervised by Hugo Herbelin.


Pierre-Louis Curien was referee for the habilitations of Emmanuel Haucourt (Paris 7, September) and Samuel Mimram (Paris 7, September). He was president of the jury of the thesis of Matteo Acclavio (Univ. de la Méditerranée, December).

Pierre-Louis Curien (president), Yves Guiraud and Philippe Malbos were members of the jury of the thesis of Cyrille Chenavier (Univ. Paris 7, December).

Hugo Herbelin was referee for the habilitation of Nicolas Tabareau (Nantes, November). He was a referee of the jury of the thesis of Jirka Maršík (LORIA, December).

Matthieu Sozeau was a member of the jury of the thesis of Kevin Quirin (EMN Nantes, December).

Yann Régis-Gianas is a member of the jury of the competitive examination for the entrance to the Écoles Normales Supérieures and the École Polytechnique.