Section: Application Domains

Application Domains

Temporal media analysis and creation

Our first application domain concerns temporal media analysis and creation. Of course, many existing tools allow to create, combine and transform temporal media such as sounds, music, videos, animations. Strictly speaking, we do not aim at offering new possibilities. However, with an approach based on modern development theory and software technologies, we shall offer more reliable tools, that enjoy much higher productivity and reusability. As an immediate application, the fruit of our research may increase the quality of the technological assistance provided by Art & Science studios such as the SCRIME (Studio de Création et de Recherche en Informatique et Musiques Expérimentales). In this view, we shall concentrate our application perspectives on temporal media analysis (e.g. structure inference algorithms and learning tools) and on temporal media combination and synthesis (e.g. tools for music composition).

Interactive and distributed interfaces

Our second application domain lays in the field of interaction. New technologies already used in artistic installations are connected and interactive. But there is still a whole world to be discovered and equipped with adequate technologies to design tomorrow's interactive and distributed pieces of digital arts. In this perspective, we shall concentrate on developing techniques for the capture and the on-the-fly analysis of input streams, together with techniques to combine them and turn them into new media types.