Section: Overall Objectives

Overall Objectives

How to capture, analyse, mix, combine or transform temporal media streams as varied as sounds, animations, melodies, videos, control gestures? Modern technologies make it possible to produce complex multimodal artistic computerized systems, but require the support of specially trained technicians to turn artistic intentions into technical realizations. Since modern system designers are more often artists than software developers, we aim at developing system design tools directly accessible to the artists.

In this project, we try to offer simple, uniform formalisms and tools for the representation and the manipulation of temporal media streams. This is achieved by developing new models for the hierarchical and modular design of interactive timed systems, and applying these models to the realization of artistic interactive applications. Our concrete experiments, guided by formal models challenged by experimental needs, ensure the adequacy and the robustness of our proposals.

The resulting software methodologies and design tools for the creation of interactive pieces of art should be user-friendly and robust. In particular, the resulting technical constraints should no longer hide the inadequacy of ad hoc and immature interfaces, but address critical issues such as the coherence and compatibility of design objectives .

Remark: the PoSET Inria team was created on the first of January 2015 in the Inria research center of Bordeaux with members of the UMR CNRS LaBRI. The project has eventually been ended of the 31th of December 2016.