Section: New Results

Verification of Security Protocols in the Symbolic Model

Participants : Bruno Blanchet, Marc Sylvestre.

security protocols, symbolic model, automatic verification The applied pi calculus is a widely used language for modeling security protocols, including as a theoretical basis of ProVerif . However, the seminal paper that describes this language  [27] does not come with proofs, and detailed proofs for the results in this paper were never published. Martín Abadi, Bruno Blanchet, and Cédric Fournet wrote detailed proofs of all results of this paper. This work appears as a research report [21] and is submitted to a journal.

Stéphanie Delaune, Mark Ryan, and Ben Smyth  [39] introduced the idea of swapping data in order to prove observational equivalence. For instance, ballot secrecy in electronic voting is formalized by saying that A voting a and B voting b is observationally equivalent to (indistinguishable from) A voting b and B voting a. Proving such an equivalence typically requires swapping the votes. However, Delaune et al's approach was never proved correct. Bruno Blanchet and Ben Smyth filled this gap by formalizing the approach and providing a detailed soundness proof [12], [23]. This extension is implemented in ProVerif. Moreover, Marc Sylvestre implemented a graphical display of attacks in ProVerif. The extended tool is available at http://proverif.inria.fr.

Bruno Blanchet wrote a survey on ProVerif, available both as a book and as a journal paper [3].